Wuppertal Buslinie 639

With the new OMSI 2 Mini DLC you expand Wuppertal by 6km mobile route through the mountains of the district Sonnborn. Here you connect with the new bus line 639 the mountainous regions of Wuppertal with the suspension railway, the S-Bahn station Zoologischer Garten and the green Wuppertal Zoo. By the bus drivers of the "Wuppertal Stadtwerke"The line is considered as a major challenge to steer the bus through the serpentine roads and due to the many false parkers.

It is particularly good to own this mini DLC with the DLC Wuppertal.

real bus line 639 of the WSW
6km route through the mountains
Real timetable data of the WSW
Very detailed edge development & routing

Для работы данного мода вам нужен Wuppertal.

подправленный хоф https://vk.com/doc470162360_507410150
Версия игры: 2.3.004
Автор(ы): Kevin Nitschmann
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